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Online / Virtual Sessions

We can work together using FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. I’ve been getting some great results right on a computer screen! Just call, text, or email me, and we can set up a lesson at your convenience.

Since current technology doesn’t allow me to simultaneously accompany a singer, a second device is needed to play back piano tracks while singing. One device is used for the connection (desktop, laptop, iPad, etc.), and another to play back accompaniment tracks (iPhone, iPod, etc.) I might need to send over a track or two during the lesson, so hopefully whatever device is used for playback can receive texts and/or emails. 

Here are a few tips for successful online lessons:

First of all, use the best Internet Wi-Fi connection you can, and get as close to the router as possible. If you can plug your laptop directly into the router, all the better.

Disconnect other programs or apps that might interfere with our Wi-Fi connection. Some teachers advise using headphones and an external microphone, but I’ve had very good results using just the built-in speakers and microphones on our devices. While Zoom Video Conferencing is best for groups, either FaceTime or Skype are fine when it’s just two people.

Zoom Audio Settings

  • UNCHECK the box next to “Automatically adjust microphone volume” (right below input volume). The input volume slider can be set to halfway or higher.
  • √ Check the box next to “Original sound for musicians”
  • √ Check the box next to “High fidelity music mode”
  • UNCHECK “Echo Cancellation” 
  • Click “Advanced” Button (bottom corner of audio settings):
  • Be sure “Echo Cancellation” is set to “Auto”
  • During our meeting, look in the upper corner:
  • “Original Sound for Musicians” should be set to ON